Member Spotlight: Adam Engel of Prime Title & Escrow

Adam Engel of Prime Title & Escrow was the featured presenter at today’s Golden Geese meeting. He talked about the different forms of ownership on property deeds and gave a few examples of horror stories when the deeds aren’t entered correctly. Prime Title is a growing company based on Leesburg. They offer “tiffany cufflink” service to their customers. Adam has helped many of us with fast and accurate closings.  If you have a purchase or refinance coming up, give Prime Title a call today!


Adam Engel, Esq.
Prime Title & Escrow

Adam’s Educational Moment: Tips for Better Presentations

At today’s Geese meeting, Our Educational Coordinator, Adam Engel of Prime Title and Escrow, helped us all learn how to give better presentations.  The tips come from the article “12 Life Lessons From Mathematician and Philospher Gian-Carlo Rota.”  Here are a few, but click the link above for the full article.

Every lecture should make only one point
Never run over time
Relate to your audience
Give people something to take home

Try some of these for your next presentation!


Gian-Carlo Rota, Wikipedia


Organizing Mentors to present at Golden Geese on Thu, Aug 27th

We are excited to hear from Lisa Geraci Rigoni and Dena Fleisher of The Organizing Mentors on Thursday’s Golden Geese Zoom call.  Their goal is to “help you reclaim your space mentally and physically.”  Since many of us are working from home these days, we are anxious to learn how to optimize our spaces.

Tune in Thursday morning at 8:00 am to meet the Geese and learn more!  Email us for Zoom meeting info.


Denny + Gardner’s Current Projects

On July 2, Norm Gardner, one of the founders of Denny + Gardner Remodeling, told us about several of their current projects.  The best part of Norm’s presentations are the pictures!  Denny + Gardner does fabulous work.  You can see for yourself right here:

Denny + Gardner Current Projects. GG presentation July 2



For more info, be sure to contact Norm at Denny + Gardner Remodeling, Building & Design


Mavrick Harris, Freedom Bank – The Utility of Credit Cards

Recently, our favorite Banker, Mavrick Harris of Freedom Bank, shared his thoughts on the value and utility of credit cards.  He recommends them over other payment methods for their security against fraud, limited liability and cash back rewards.  Here is his power point for additional details:

Utility of credit cards

To learn more, contact Mavrick Harris at Freedom Bank, 703-663-2300.

freedom bank

Andrea Olsen of FTC Interiors – Window Treatments, Shades and More!


On June 18th, Andrea Olsen of FTC Interiors gave a great presentation about different types of window treatments.  With more people working from home, many are looking for different options to increase privacy and reduce glare.  Here is Andrea’s powerpoint presentation for more info. and great pictures.

GG Presentation VII-June 2020

Have a question on window treatments?  Contact Andrea at 703-407-3770,,


How To Look Your Best on Zoom Business Calls – Jennifer Kyle Herd, Mary Kay


When participating on Zoom calls, there are a few key points to keep in mind to look your best:

Diffused, natural light from a window is the best light source. You don’t want direct sunlight on your face because it will blind you and wash you out, and you don’t want light hitting you from above, beside or behind you because it will cast shadows on your face. If you don’t have a window or good light exposure, you can set up a task lamp behind your camera so that it lights your face from the front. There are ring lights that are sold specifically for lighting phones for calls and videos but feel free to experiment at home to see if you already own a lamp that will do the job. If you have a Zoom app on your phone, you can use it to walk around your house and look for the best lighting conditions before setting up your laptop or computer.

Camera angle
The ideal position for your camera is slightly above eye level. If the camera is below eye level, it can cast shadows, enhancing and even creating double chins, and no one wants a view up your nose! If the camera is set too high above your head it can show colored hair root grow out and thinning hair. By positioning the camera right above eye level, your eyes appear more open and your jaw line look firmer. You can raise the angle of your camera using large books, a solid box or stand.� Also, don’t sit too close to the camera. Most cameras are wide angle and sitting too close feels weird to viewers and can distort your face. Lastly, if you are giving a presentation or are the speaker, make sure you look directly at the camera, not off to the side at the chat box, etc…

–The background for your calls should be neat and uncluttered. When in doubt, ask a friend what they think of your background. You can also use built-in backgrounds in Zoom to change the scene behind you, which can be an easy way to hide a less than perfect space, or a fun way to change the view.
–Touch up your hair before your calls with a comb or brush. Use dry shampoo to freshen up oily hair if needed, and hair spray to tame frizzy hair.
–For women, pay attention to brows, cheeks and lips. The camera tends to flatten faces and dimension is lost, so a little darkening of the brows to frame the eyes may be needed. Also, a little contour along the cheeks can restore wash-out facial planes and a brighter than normal cheek color often helps to brighten the face, as well. Mascara is an eye-opener most women benefit from and may be all that is needed to add polish to the eyes. Nude lipsticks are still the most popular shades for business but for Zoom calls you may need a brighter/darker/more pigmented shade to make the lips stand out a bit more on camera. After-hours calls with friends and family are a great time to try more fun, dramatic makeup looks, applied more heavily and/or with brighter colors. For business meetings, keep your look polished and elegant.

Need a personal color consult or a bit more instruction? Feel free to contact me at We can set up a virtual consultation, free of charge, with samples mailed in advance so you can still try before you buy!

Jennifer Kyle Herd
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Cell: 703-244-6718