Member Spotlight: Adam Engel of Prime Title & Escrow

Adam Engel of Prime Title & Escrow was the featured presenter at today’s Golden Geese meeting. He talked about the different forms of ownership on property deeds and gave a few examples of horror stories when the deeds aren’t entered correctly. Prime Title is a growing company based on Leesburg. They offer “tiffany cufflink” service to their customers. Adam has helped many of us with fast and accurate closings.  If you have a purchase or refinance coming up, give Prime Title a call today!


Adam Engel, Esq.
Prime Title & Escrow

Adam’s Educational Moment: Tips for Better Presentations

At today’s Geese meeting, Our Educational Coordinator, Adam Engel of Prime Title and Escrow, helped us all learn how to give better presentations.  The tips come from the article “12 Life Lessons From Mathematician and Philospher Gian-Carlo Rota.”  Here are a few, but click the link above for the full article.

Every lecture should make only one point
Never run over time
Relate to your audience
Give people something to take home

Try some of these for your next presentation!


Gian-Carlo Rota, Wikipedia


Organizing Mentors to present at Golden Geese on Thu, Aug 27th

We are excited to hear from Lisa Geraci Rigoni and Dena Fleisher of The Organizing Mentors on Thursday’s Golden Geese Zoom call.  Their goal is to “help you reclaim your space mentally and physically.”  Since many of us are working from home these days, we are anxious to learn how to optimize our spaces.

Tune in Thursday morning at 8:00 am to meet the Geese and learn more!  Email us for Zoom meeting info.


Denny + Gardner’s Current Projects

On July 2, Norm Gardner, one of the founders of Denny + Gardner Remodeling, told us about several of their current projects.  The best part of Norm’s presentations are the pictures!  Denny + Gardner does fabulous work.  You can see for yourself right here:

Denny + Gardner Current Projects. GG presentation July 2



For more info, be sure to contact Norm at Denny + Gardner Remodeling, Building & Design