Who are the Golden Geese?

The Golden Geese Business Referral Network Helps You Make Money 

 Golden Geese Business Referral Network provides a positive, supportive and structured environment to further business through word of mouth marketing. A professional networking organization that allows only  one person per profession to join a chapter.

Belonging to the Geese is like having dozens of sales people working for you because all the other members carry several copies of your business cards around with them. When they meet someone who could use your products or services,  they hand that person your business card and recommend your services.

No more cold calling.  All leads you receive from your fellow members are hot and waiting for you to contact them.

Meetings are held via Zoom until it is safe to meet publicly again.

Our normal meetings are held weekly at Metro Offices in Reston, VA.

Here’s why the Golden Geese works:

  • Successful businesses depend on word of mouth advertising.
  • A structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals.
  • Develop personal relationships with other qualified business professionals.
  • By establishing relationship with other people, you substantially increase your business.

Visit one of our meetings and see for yourself. Don’t forget to bring enough business cards to share with everyone!

Download a Roster of Our Members


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