Member Spotlight: Adam Engel of Prime Title & Escrow

Adam Engel of Prime Title & Escrow was the featured presenter at today’s Golden Geese meeting. He talked about the different forms of ownership on property deeds and gave a few examples of horror stories when the deeds aren’t entered correctly. Prime Title is a growing company based on Leesburg. They offer “tiffany cufflink” service to their customers. Adam has helped many of us with fast and accurate closings.  If you have a purchase or refinance coming up, give Prime Title a call today!


Adam Engel, Esq.
Prime Title & Escrow

Member Spotlight: Susan Ciapparelli of American Security Mortgage!

Susan Ciapparelli is a Mortgage expert and has been a cherished member of the Golden Geese for years.  She has worked in the mortgage and banking industry for close to 20 years.  We like to tease Susan about her love of spreadsheets.  She brings 2.5 spreadsheets to each client meeting on average :) .  Susan loves to show her math and present various illustrations, so her clients can make informed decisions.  She has helped many Geese members, friends and family to purchase or refinance their existing mortgages.  Give her a call today!


Susan Ciapparelli
American Security Mortgage

Adam’s Educational Moment: Tips for Better Presentations

At today’s Geese meeting, Our Educational Coordinator, Adam Engel of Prime Title and Escrow, helped us all learn how to give better presentations.  The tips come from the article “12 Life Lessons From Mathematician and Philospher Gian-Carlo Rota.”  Here are a few, but click the link above for the full article.

Every lecture should make only one point
Never run over time
Relate to your audience
Give people something to take home

Try some of these for your next presentation!


Gian-Carlo Rota, Wikipedia


Adam’s Educational Moment: Time Management Tips for Top Performers

At a recent Geese meeting, Our Educational Coordinator, Adam Engel of Prime Title and Escrow, discussed a post from Leo Babauta on Zen Habits, Time Management Tips for Top Performers.  With endless emails and other distractions, it’s easy to fall down several rabbit-holes during your workday.  The article reminds us to:

Focus on the things that matter. Clear everything else away, and don’t act on the urges to put off the important stuff.

Notice when you’re turning away from the high-impact tasks, and train yourself to turn towards it instead.

Batch the smaller stuff (like email and messages) and give that some time later in the day to focus, if that’s important to your work.

Train yourself to focus, and train yourself to always know what you should focus on.

And then connect to why it’s meaningful.



Adam’s Educational Moment: Choosing the Right Mask to Protect Yourself and Others


Our Educational Coordinator, Adam Engel of Prime Title and Escrow, shared some great info about selecting the right Mask to help protect against COVID-19.  The most effective mask should have multiple layers of natural fibers with a polypropylene guard in the middle as a filter.  N95 masks are so effective because they have that filter.  Avoid masks with exhalation valves.  These masks release unfiltered air, so it does not protect others if you are exhaling the virus.  Finally, be sure to wash your mask every day with detergent and hot water.

Here is the full article from NPR:

Wear a mask!  Stay Safe!


Adam’s Educational Moment: Decision Making

Adam Engel of Prime Title is the Geese’s Educational Coordinator.  He shares great info about networking and marketing with the Geese each week.  Recently, he discussed the following article from Kevin Eikenberry.  Maybe it can help you and your team:

How to Encourage Your Team To Make Decisions

In a world of constant change where the status quo is a myth, making decisions are part of the lifeblood of any successful organization. Leaders who try to make all those decisions will be pressed, stressed, and likely behind. Whether thinking about the short-term need for decisions to be made or the long-term implications for empowering team members, leaders must distribute decision making to the team. The question is how to do it.

Here is a seven-step process to distribute decision making to your team.  Click here to read the steps!